Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Name change!

Also, since my recent Formspring post HERE! I've had a few of you asking about my name change. I worded it a bit funny, reading it back, so it looked like I changed it myself on a crazy one!
Basically, when I was born I was named Chelsea, but my Uncle kept calling me Chelsea FC so my Mom changed it to Stacie. Then when I was about 7 my Mom got married and so I changed my surname to match my Mom's and Step Dads, because my Mom wanted me to have the same name as them and my (then) future brother or sister. So there you go :)


  1. I think you suit stacie, if I didn't know your name I'd say you looked like a Stacie lol xo.

  2. Haha! I agree^

    Chelsea? I cant imagine you being a Chelsea.

    loves xxxx

  3. your bedroom is so beautiful!
    Im following you.You follow me?
    (sorry my english is terrible xd)


  4. you are DARLING! ps. just awarded you on my blog, check it out. xoxo.