Saturday, 8 January 2011

hi i just wondered, do you still use that st moriz(?) fake tan? if you do, what do you think about it? thanks :) xx

Hello. I still have it, but havent used it for quite a while now, as I think it was making me sick. hah, odd I know, but I would apply it before bed and wake up in the night and throw up (nice). My current fave, that Ive been using for over a year now is Solait by Superdrug. It's around £7/£8, but is regularly on offer which is when I stock up! Its a warmer shade and smells good.

Going back to St. Moriz. I used to absolutely love it. It goes on well with a mitten and gives instant colour, which is perfect for a last minute night out (however, so does Solait) and is a great price.. It also gives a brown colour as opposed to orange. Worth a try! xxx

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