Sunday, 9 January 2011

Hey. You answer all questions so well I thought I'd send you a bit of a challenge. I'm going to a themed party soon. We have to dress from the 1920's to the 1960's. I cant spend more than £30. Ideas? xxx

Hello! Aw thank you!
Ok, well!I have chosen 1920’s because I think its fun and I know excatly how you can do it super cheap!

The dress:
The dress pictured is currently in the sale in New Look. I have seen this dress in every New Look I have been in, so hopefully you’ll be able to get one. They are also online in a few colours. The ones I have seen are now down to £4 in the sale! I’d go for black or Burgundy if you get the chance.
This dress is perfect as it is spot on the 1920’s style with the shape, tier and the pleats. It’s also something that you could wear again, a-la Carrie Bradshaw in her Halston Heritage (SATC2).
The ideal shoe for this look would be the T-bar. It’s worth checking on eBay and in charity shops for this kind of thing if you don’t own a pair, for a good bargain.
Accessorizing is key to the 20’s look. Head wear was massive then and so it’s important to reflect that in your costume. I have shown here a turban and a head band- whichever one you find more comfortable! You should be able to pick up a turban on eBay, in a charity shop or on your local market for around £5. If you opt for a headband, I think you’d be better off making one.
All you need is a plain stretch headband, like what you can get from Primark, & go to your local market/haberdashery and get some feathers in appropriate colours and slightly differing lengths. Group the feather together and fix then to the headband as wear so the feathers are at the side of your head. If you’d rather not do DIY, Claires Accessories might be a good place to try. If you do go for a headband, a great way to wear your hair would be wavy.
Pearls/beading was also dominant back them and so layer pearls around your neck. Pictured above are strings of pearls from Topshop; however I think the best way to achieve the layered look for less is to trawl charity shops for different strings and lengths to layer up. They are also full of them!
Also check out charity shops for a small beaded or feather purse/bag to compliment the outfit.
Opt for black lashes and liner, a slight smoky eye, and more importantly strong lips, in red or burgundy.
Hope this helps! Please let me know how you get on! XX


  1. aww this is my question! Thank you so much, I've found the dress on the website so I think I'll ask my dad to buy it. I think I might get it in red though. Thank you so much and your blog is definitely one of my favourites :) xxx

  2. You made a good job! I like the result ((:
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  3. Great blog! Love the 20's!
    Shall we follow each other?
    Sabrina O.

  4. Perfect choice! I love the '20s- they're so glamorous and dramatic. That turban from Topshop is my favorite accessory there- turbans and turban headbands are always perfect for hiding a bad hair day, and they always look super chic and edgy.

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  5. This post was amazing! The New Look dress is gorgeous - I love the 20's era x

  6. Thanks for the great tip!
    I like those New Look wedges a lot!

  7. Hey there just found your blog and I love it new follower I have a question in your outfit post pictures (love your outfits btw awesome style) you have some slanting shoe shelves where did you get them from I totally need something like this for my shoes xoxo

  8. Definately agree with everyone else, great pic with the 20s, and lovee the selection you've put together, realllly makes me want to go to a themed party now and dress up!


  9. Very clever and thrifty too! I too recommend Ebay for great vintage bargains. Have a look at my selections on