Sunday, 23 January 2011

600th Post!

Unfortunately, it's nothing particularly extravagant, just a few photographs of me and what I've been buying over the week!

 I had these pictures done yesterday for my new rail card. Need my roots doing uh! 

This glass head has been floating about in our house for years, and for the last few has lived on a marble shelf in our main bathroom, however, my step-mom had a big clear out of the house and asked me if I wanted it. I love it! It's now a good home for my turban!
 This is my new baby! I have wanted this suitcase for well over a year now but £80 for me was a no-no. I nearly fell off my chair when I saw it on sale for £40. Needless to say it arrived at my house a few days later. I can't wait to use it!
I got these polishes last week. They are 2 (Heather Grey & Caramel) of the 4 latest shades available free with diet coke (at Boots). I couldn't decide out of the two so I bought 4 bottles to get both. Shame I don't like diet Coke....

 You can never have too many pairs of knickers...
Drawstring pouch- £1, Knickers- £2 each. All Topshop.

 I love these earrings. They are clip on and were 50p for the pair from a charity shop.

 FINALLY (after a bloody week of waiting) got one of these free Models Own  make up pouches free with Fabulous magazine. I'm yet to try any of the products so I might do a little post on them at some point. But dont hold your breath...

Last but not least, my new cape blouse (Topshop). I fell in love with this when I saw one of  Topshops lovely assistants wearing it the other day. I bought it to wear for my Friends 21st next weekend. EXCITED. oh & my new clutch (actually a make-up bag but whatever...) £2!! from Primark! I love this because it's not a shit leopard print that you usually find when paying less. I'm going to team it with the blouse for Friday, hopefully i'll get a decent picture!

Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! 


  1. i was really disappointed with the free models own stuff! the eyeliner is ok, but the rest is a bit rubbish! oh well shouldn't's free afterall! i need to check out this diet coke nails inc thing out! xo

  2. Ah wow, how do you manage to get such decent photobooth pictures taken haha! Is it weird if I say the roots combo actually suits u, a bit kate moss esque perhaps?

    How funny, just posted an OOTD, and think I am actually wearing the blouse you've posted about. £32? xo

  3. I hate diet coke too, bleurgh! I think your outift will look really nice! xo.

  4. I'm loving that suit case! I know someone who got a free sample from Models Own too and since nobody was looking, she got three! :))

    That suitcase is amazing!

    P.S. I'm currently hosting an international Apothica giveaway. Come and join! <3

  5. I LOVE your new baby too. Great buy.

  6. that suitcase is FAB
    also loving that camel nail polish & the sheer blouse - so cute!

  7. Thanx for following! Great blog..
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  8. Babes, I NEED that clutch-come-makeupbag ting, primark will deffo not have this when I visit.

    and your suitcase is devine, be travelling in styleeee

    loves xxxxx
    i need followers please

  9. Love the top!


  10. Suitcase from my dreams <3
    Your blog is amazing.
    I follow You. Please visit my blog too.

  11. Thats suitcase is aaamazing!
    If you dont mind me asking, where is it from?