Sunday, 5 December 2010

where do you find out all your fashion knowlage apart from magazines? do you know of any good websites etc?

What do you mean by knowledge?
I have a degree in fashion which relates to textiles, a products development and business/retailing.
In terms of styling, I don't use anything to gain knowledge, I just match things that I see online, magazines and in stores and put them together, which I think will look good, whether it be on myself or other people. It's my form of art that comes pretty naturally to me, I think.
In terms of designers and styles of garments, magazines and brand websites are a great help :)


  1. Apart form magazines?, chictopia and trendtation! By favourite fashion websites! :D!
    Following u :)!

  2. I dont really use lookbook, and never have used chictopia, and never heard of trendtation! haha. I must check it out!

    I like flicking through street styles books I guess, such as Nylon STREET & What I wore today & the tokyo lookbook :) xx

  3. Just passed by and I love your avatar! Your hair is greatttt!

    If you follow me, I'll follow you back! :)♥