Sunday, 12 December 2010

The past week or so.

I’ve been pretty absent over the past few days/weeks, as I have been away all this week, and had an uber busy week the one before with a girls night out, a luncheon, girls day out Christmas shopping, German market and family weekends including Christmas shopping with Mother, and not forgetting a dash of online purchases ;) However, I have been documenting all this time with photographs ready to blog when I get a decent time slot, and here it is.
First of all, my girlfriends and I went on a much needed night out.  Here are a few snaps from it, unfortunately, I didn’t get a great group shot one of us and I seemed to have spent more time doing shots than taking photographs.

During that night, I was approached whilst at the bar by a man who out of nowhere came up to me and said...
"You look so much like that Carrie Bradshaw, you do.... You really remind me of her."
<3 My night was made! A lot of love for that man!

During an urgent shopping trip prior to the night out (where I bought the printed rose Kimono from Topshop) I managed to find these bad boys in a little shop in Birmingham. For £7.99! I have been after a pair like this for SO long, after seeing a divine black suede pair in Zara about a year ago, so when I found these for so cheap and (darling) camel, I was thrilled.

 What I wore...

I also got this necklace from ASOS, which I intended on wearing on the night out, however the pendant fell right by where my belt buckle was and it looked too fussy, but I loved it too much to send back, plus it was only £8 so there wasn’t much guilt. 

This week has also seen a lot of me pissing about with hair, which has never been something I’ve ever bothered that much with because my hair is so fine and can’t hold much of a style, but here is my twist of a vintage hair roll with a hint of Jedward. I enjoyed it, I felt a little Harry Styles (One Direction, X Factor, ITV, UK). Nice. 

I returned home this weekend to put up the Christmas decorations at my Moms house- can I just say, this was such a privilege as usually, little miss OCD never lets any of us really participate in festively tarting up the house other than us standing and watching and my step dad going up in the loft to fetch it all. Here is what we did anyway, photos don’t really do it much justice but, I love it.

I also helped (aka, took over) my sister decorate her own little tree. We found this little angel in Pound Stretcher for £1.99, so cute!

Another bout of online shopping saw me win a perfect condition Warehouse faux fur gilet for £10.59 on eBay. BARGAIN OR WHAT!! 

Finally, this is what I wore today for breakfast with my family at my Grandmas. Stripes on stripes, I feel like I should be on a cruise...

Anyway, this has been my week(s)! Over & Out! X


  1. me encnata la camisetita de chnael8chanels t-shirt)

  2. Fabulous post, you look so stylish in every picture!
    That little christmas angel is fab too! :)

    Be sure to check out my Christmas Giveaway :)

  3. You are your mates all look gorgeous :) Those camel wedges were a bargain! I love your fringe twists, looks great!
    And your house looks so nice and festive, love the roaring fire ;)

  4. ooooh, i love those shoes, i have a pair in black that cost me like £20 off ebay! whereabouts is the shop in birms you got them from if you dont mind me asking :)? i'm going on tuesday and am in dire need of new heels!

  5. gorgeous christmas trees and decor.
    and your eyelashes are so long!

  6. Wow, you have some good looking friends ;) x

  7. Outfits are all beaut!! As is your Christmas decor - so feminine yet festive! :)

  8. I just stumbled across your blog & this was SUCH a fun post! So many gorgeous outfits & fun photos! I'm your newest follower!

  9. sereously love love love your style!
    great blog, and thanks for great inspiration !!!
    im now following

    <3 Nanna