Saturday, 18 December 2010

Helppp, im going to stay in a little log cabin this christmas, yes freezing i know and ive just been told there isnt much room so have a restriction on how much i take. what would you say key items would be? andd your blog is awesome :) x

Thank you my love!
When I am having to pack light I try to stick with black items (or grey) so I can layer, mix and match them without much effort!
I would go for a good thick pair of tights, a reliable pair of jeans, a few jersey tops, a couple of vests (for underneath the tops!) and a jumper or thick cardigan (or both!). I'd also go for a good thick snood which then doubles up as a scarf and can go over your head for extra warmth (a neutral hued one will make it versatile). Oh and some nice thick socks, because there's nothing worse than freezing cold feet!

Enjoy your trip! X

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