Monday, 15 November 2010

Hello to all my fabulous (old & new) followers. As you may have noticed (hopefully) I haven’t blogged in a while, this is because I went on a very last minute holiday to Las Vegas (THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD). I was meant to post prior to leaving but due to a hectic week (which resulted in me not even packing until 11pm the night before) I didn’t have time, however now, I am back and ready to roll!
While I was there I did a spot  (ok a lot) of shopping, most of what I bought was Christmas presents for people, however I did manage to treat myself a little bit ;)
  I got these fabulous vintage stilettos for $12 at Buffalo Exchange.

 Paul Frank bottoms for comfy winter nights!

 A lovely collection of benefit make up products, because I LOVE that brand.

And last but not least a Mulberry for Target bag, because the people from the U.S were lucky enough to have Mulberry design a range of bags for their supermarket Target! (Type in 'Mulberry Target' on eBay for a selection of bags available to buy in the UK).
I also did a little 'pre-holiday' shopping and got these!
 Camel Suede Chelsea boots- £18 from ASOS can you believe! <3333

 Black quilted fur Duffel bag.

 & some more earrings- Top pair: £1 New Look, Bottom pair: £2 River Island.

What I've been wearing.
(click on the image for a bigger/better look!)

& Finally here are a few other snaps from my trip....

My new motorbike ;)

 Just chillin'....

 My boyfriend made me a tasche.

THE most offensive sign my eyes have ever seen.

That's all folks! XO


  1. i adore the outfits you've been wearing so cute :)

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I am now following yours and I love it so far, please do post more. I love your style and I'm glad you had fun in Las Vegas! I can't wait to visit there some day! :D

  3. i adore all your outfits, and those camel suede boots from asos are amazing!!
    Glad you had a nice time in Las Vegas
    courtney xx

  4. Wow you really do love Las Vegas! How many times have you been!? Are you a big gambler or is there more to Las Vegas than the casino's?

  5. so super jealous :)
    love the bags you snapped up x
    i have yet to buy benefit ( what is wrong with me?)

  6. I loooove Vegas, especially for shopping! Those $12 dollar shoes are sooo cute!I love it, I love it even more that it was only $12! haha I love "That Gal" lotion for the face! I go to vegas just to go shopping! ha! I've been doing that since I was 16! :) Love your style girl!

  7. Those purple shoes are TDF (to die for, ha ha). I am your newest follower, based on the strength of that purchase!

    Milli x

  8. Oh wow Las Vega looks amazing I'm so jealous! Also loving the new blog layout/design etc. x