Friday, 15 October 2010

What I wore today.

I've been poorly this week so I haven't really been quite as on form as perhaps I usually would. 
My camera is unfortunately also pretty bad these days, so my photo's aren't particularly great, however, hopefully after Christmas, I'll have a new one in my life, so I can blog clearer pictures for you lovely people . I might even cut back on the stupid faces too. No promises yet though.

Breton- Cos
Studded slouch bag- Miss Selfridge
Fur collar boots- New Look


  1. dont cut back on the stupid faces they amuse me :) other people are all pouty its a refreshing change

  2. I agree, I love the silly faces. I like your outfit too, I always love stripes.

  3. Timeless black outfit! Love it :)

  4. divina la entrada me encanta tu estilo!
    obvio que te sigo
    me gustaria una opinion tuya de mi blog y si te gusta seguime ;) ajajjaja

  5. I LIKE WEARING BLCK CLOTHES!! Your outfit is great I like combination with your hair!!

  6. i still find that u look great in the photo and i adore your hair color , and with that outfit you totally rock it girl

  7. your outfit is perfect for autumn :)

  8. aww, i love the boots! :)