Saturday, 16 October 2010

Barry M 'Instant Effects'

I bought this nail paint after reading about it on another blog and basically wanted a piece of the action. After 3 attempts/visits to Boots, I managed to get my hands on some. (lucky as my patience was wearing thin...)
I was really excited to use it, until it came to the crunch and I ended up making an absolute mess (....the polishes fault, not my own- obviously).
However, after learning from my original mistakes: not reading the label properly, overlapping and being too slow, the end result was actually rather pleasantly surprising. I originally painted this over a deep mushroom shade by Bourjois, however in the photograph I chose to use a lighter base shade to allow the texture to be more visible. (I used Nails Inc in London).

I still think practice with make more perfect, but this is basically how it looks, what do you fabulous people reckon? Yay or Nay?!

(Ring- Juicy Couture)


  1. I like the effect, but I would have used a different base colour, maybe a bolder or brighter colour, from a far it looks like the black polish is coming off rather than a legit nail effect. I have to get some for myself and have some fun with it.

  2. i love this effect! i definitley need to buy some of this. i think it would look better with a brighter colour underneath

  3. YAY i saw a few of my fav bloggers rocking it ! one i think is almost like a giraffe print

  4. the ring is so cute !i just love it !xxx

  5. i love it! im buying it tommorow. i want to do a leopard typa thing. btw your fashion sense is AWESOME!<3

  6. These are awesome!! Love the effect!
    courtney xx