Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What I wore today.

As you can see, I'm abusing the camel jacket this week! 
* * *
In other news, I returned the red jacket (the fit wasn't as good) and I also wear glasses now- these particular ones were purchased for fun (encouraged by my sister). I have some more sensible tortoiseshell and black/leopard print ones for day-to-day wear (shall post pictures soon).


  1. Hi, can you let me know where those glasses are from? x

  2. They're from Specsavers, they're proper glasses that I need to help me see. X

  3. Oh sweet, I wear proper glasses too, might have to book myself a appointment!
    I have a pretty cool pair at the moment, but more don't hurt!

  4. Ha! I definitely agree. I bought 3 pairs last week! These ones are cheap nhs ones too! X