Sunday, 18 July 2010

Your answers are brilliant! I recently asked you about the trousers and felt your response really helped me to find the perfect shape and colour for my figure. I am now bothering you about playsuits and what you think of them on pear shapes!? Thankyou xx

Oh wonderful! Again I think it's important to go for a basic shape, with a slightly nipped in/shaped waist, in a fluid fabric. I would opt for more of a culotte short as opposed to a shorter hot-pant style, for a great silhouette, and again, avoid fussy or garish prints!
I would also keep it simple of the top half, avoid anything too bulky, however, if you have a wider lower half and wish to create a more even shape, aim for more of a structured sleeve to generate more of a balance, otherwise a simple sleeve or thing strap.
Finally, fit is crucial, dont be tempted by something fabulous if it's a touch too loose or tight in places.

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