Sunday, 18 July 2010

Im currently looking for a new bag. The bag i have at the moment is the pauls boutique black one but its starting to fall apart and i cant seem to find one the same size as i cant justify spending £70 on a bag anymore. what do you suggest?

I once had a PB bag and it fell apart very quickly, which I Think is disgusting for the price, so I can completely empathise here.
If you want another Pauls Boutique bag, I would suggest eBay, for a cheaper result, however, if you are just looking for a low cost stylish everyday bag I would suggest looking on, in the leather bags section, which offers a good range of genuine leather handbags, for around £50, including reasonably sized, beautiful weaved leather bags, satchels and holdalls with beautiful large bows- all available in a few different yet versatile colours.

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