Thursday, 29 July 2010

I've got a vintage pale pastel patterned dress that I hardly wear, due to colour. Im not sure on the fabric but its not a typical cotton or dress material and no tags left. I was thinking about dyeing it either navy or black, would it work? + what brand?x

I think it is a big risk to dye. This is because of not knowing the material/yarn/fibre used.
If the material is a blend, or a man-made fibre, they dye will not take to the fibre and therefore the garment with end up patchy. It may also be an issue going from such a pale pattern to a block dark colour, as it may fade very quickly (if the dye is even to take).
My advice would be to take it to a fabric store first to see if someone can determine the farbic/fibre type.

Note, it's also not just the fabric, but also the yarn used for the stitching. Stitching on an item tends to be a blend of fibres and therefore will not absorb the dye, meaning even if the faric were to dye well, you may be left with pale stitching.


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  1. oo that was me, thankyou now im not sure, I dont really wear it and was cheap on ebay so I may just risk it.

    oh ive just looked its 100% polyester and has hardly any stitching x

  2. See here!