Saturday, 10 July 2010

heyyy! just a quick styling question. what would u wear with this: im struggling to make it look interesting :( x x x

In terms of tops, I would aim for black, grey, white or beige, or if you really want a colour go for pastel. (Avoid brights, as this can make the outfit look a bit childish) These types of shades will allow the skirt to be the key piece of the outfit. I would accessorize with gold, black or tan, depending on your personal preference and style- such as bags &belts.
The skirt can be worn with a number of hosiery varieties, such as black or grey tights, thigh highs, or ankle socks. A cool look would be to combine the skirt with a basic black white or grey tee, and some chunky sandals or ankle boots with some thick grey socks, gathered 'round the ankle.
If you were keen to clash prints, opt for a basic monochrome stripe and keep everything else coordinated and basic.

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