Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hello! Recently I went to topshop <3 and the lady told me that romantic pinks and greys were in. I bought lots. Now I'm really worried in case they go out of fashion, how can I ensure I dont look out of season? What is HOT right now?PS I LOVE your look!xo

Fortunately, these are colours that can be mixed in with 'hotter' colours and prints, irrelevant to whats in, as they are quite versatile shades. The romantic pinks can be mixed with other pastel shades such as sky, eggshell and creams, to create a very 50's spring summer palette- which can be enhanced with prints such a small polka dot and hearts, or can be mixed with coral for a toned down tropical palette.
The greys can be mixed with neutral colours such as beige's and stones (and drops of black),as can the pinks, and it will also look great with lighter denim, and also some of the key prints this summer such as zebra, leopard and monochrome Aztec.
Regardless of all of this 'trend' information, and what is in or out, wear whatever you like, and wear it with pride!

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