Friday, 14 May 2010

what places are there in central manchester to go out? i'm going out in manchester in a fortnight & have no clue where to go! also... what shall i wear? i have a pretty large wardrobe. give me suggestions please? :) x

there's quite a few places such as Deansgate, where they have some cool bars, Oxford Road (both by train stations called the same)and the Printworks has some cool bars and clubs, depending on what you're after. I havent been out in manchester for so so long though.

As for what to wear, in Manchester anything goes! From the Ra girls to grunge. Base your outfit on your fittest (but comfiest of the fittest!) shoes. Other than that it depends on your personal style, but a fabulous dress or two piece and some fit accessories never fails! what were you thinking? xx

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