Saturday, 13 March 2010

why do you dislike cheryl cole so much?

To be fair, I don't dislike her, I'm just not a huge fan, I think she's overrated in every way, and I'm tired of seeing her on the cover of every magazine and newspaper every week. Since she's become so big everyone else seems to have been brain washed. She isn't a style icon & she isn''t the most naturally beautiful person ever known (as she was recently voted)- in my opinion. & people seem to forget she's the girl who was racist to and assulted a toilet attendent & turned up to court in jeans and bad white blazer. However, Fight for this Love- one of my fave songs!

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  1. I completely agree. Overrated. She's pretty stupid too, I read she's sticking by Ashley. Also, she made people mad because in that hair shampoo advert she boasts about her hair, and apparently they're extensions, so not even her own hair.

  2. Totatlly agree! I don't hate her, but people forget that she was a racist chav, and she only looks that good now because she has a stylist and some serious money!

  3. i agree toooo. i don't see what the big deal about her is.