Friday, 19 March 2010

I have died my hair red! Love it! But what kinds of clothes should I go for I find it clashes way to much!! Also what mascara and foundation would you recomend? Xx

aww, i bet! I want red hair too but I'm too scared! haha.
I think it depends on your style but if I were to go red, I would focus on blacks, whites and nudes.
Experimenting with textures as opposed to too much colour and print. Let my hair do the talking!

I use revlon custom creations foundation- it's perfect for me becauuse with my fake tanning my skin tone changes a lot and so by using it, it means I always have the availble shade without owning about 6 different foundations!
As for mascara, I swear by L'Oreals double extension with renewal serum, and I am currently using Maybellines 'Falsies' volume express and a barbara daily @ tesco's high impact mascara :)


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