Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Do you charity shop??if so what are your top tips?

Yes, I do! Not as much as I used to but in Bolton where I live they have some good ones!
I generally tend to just go to the shoes/bag sections due to lack of patience! Plus you can find some really cool vintage heels and clutch bags!

As for tips, I'd say, go when you're in the right frame of mind, else you won;t get the best out of them (a bit like TK maxx)
Don't buy things just because they're cheap.
Try things on if you can, because even if it's just an item that's £2, it's still money that could go on something that you will actually wear/use.
Take time to look at the jewellery, because you can find brooches/pearls for cheap that can really complete outfits.
Avoid vintage bags (that cant be washed in the machine) that smell old inside! Chances are no amount of freebreeze will ever make it go away!
and finally, if the shop is in order of size, don't just look at your size, because you can get some really cool larger jumpers & tops that look great overrsized.


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