Thursday, 28 January 2010

New shoes

After pining over the Kurt Geigers in Selfridges for the past 2 months, I was on the brink of giving in and buying a pair, however every time I thought ''OK, lets do it'' the thought of the £95 beautiful black suede shoes getting rained on, or even worse, trodden on, (I can't bare to think of dog poo) came into my head and stopped me. I am awful with shoes, and I have a pair of Marc Jacobs Black patent heels to remind me of this.
So, you can imagine my delight when I found Lola's twin sister in Urban Outfitters for £28. In my size. Excited. It was a sign. God wanted me to have them.

I picked these 'Vegas Glads'- as I like to call them, up on my way home (yes, from Stafford to Bolton, you go via Primark), they were £15. I don't think I'm tall enough for them though, but we won't worry about that.



    They aren't a great copycat but there's a £155 difference. You could buy at least another 2 pairs as well!

  2. Very cute shoes, the first ones...