Friday, 22 January 2010

My wish list

(& a holiday there)


  1. Those shoes at the top are killer! Love them. And that paul and joe watch is cute! I like the pictures of bits and bobs you've uploaded. Do you live in Bolton by the way?

  2. thank you :)

    and gosh they are amazing arent they!!

    Yeah I live in Bolton :) xxx

  3. Ah you're just down the road from me in Bury! Don't you love this sunny region of the North West!? p.s using my google account to comment rather than livejournal as it won't accept it or something?

  4. Really? Oh i dunno, i dont understand a lot fo this stuff!

    & yeah, the glorious weather is a big perk isnt it....

  5. So do you live in Bolton or there for uni? I found those shoes in LOOK magazine today... they aren't the actual ones though. They're a copy cat. You're probably like me and can't stand copycats, inspired is ok but not a copy. Anyway it depends how much you like the shoes I guess and whether your love for them will overshadow your morals just this one time...