Monday, 4 January 2010

My love for all things cheap & fabulous.

I'm the girl that will happily spend £800 on a Marc Jacobs Stam (I only lost one night of sleep), but winces at the thought of paying for anything more than 'Smart price' for university toilet roll (Andrex of course if some one else is paying).

However, after losing the gold chain to my Stam, leaving it virtually unwearable, and a few other financial catastrophes, I have decided that, this year, I am going to be much more careful with my money.
Now, this idea is all very well and good, but when you have a spending habit like mine, it can (and will) prove to be a bit more challenging.
The kick I get from buying something new is second to none & therefore I shall never tell myself that I will stop buying random fashion items on impulse, but I am aware (after months on and having to sell most of my unnecessary items, in order for me to eat/buy new things) that some buying decisions need to be slept on/walked away from entirely.

Although, correct me if I'm wrong, but some things need to be grabbed with both hands, paid for (or not, if that's what you're into) and ran off with. This Christmas holiday for me has been filled with these sort of items, and it is these that have made me come to realise my love for a bloody good bargain.
So from this, to help me with my quest on saving money, yet still never going without, I shall pursue my thriftiness & sail through 2010, with enough jingle jangle in my purse to save (in the puggy bank-I'll get a picture)to put towards something sensible (in my opinion) at the end of the year. How exciting!

Anyway, my plan is, to blog how I am getting on & any new idea's I have.

Over & Out.


(ok so maybe not) Here are a few little pointers.

1. Instead of buying toiletries when doing the food shop, buy them when doing the clothes shop. Savers, wilkinsons, bodycare, home bargains & superdrug all sell way cheaper stuff (generally).

2. If you're blonde/silver/white/grey and use a silver shampoo to keep it icy, as opposed to buying it from the salon at around £15, get on eBay and buy Schwarzkopf 'a touch of silver', it's exactly the same but costs about £3.

3. When your favourite jeans or black items start to fade, instead of throwing them to the back of the wardrobe and replacing them, dye them back to their original colour using Dylon fabric dye, it costs about £3 in Asda!

4. Poundland sell some amazing fake eyelashes and the glue is excellent.

5. Matalan have a really good shoe section these days mirroring designers like Louboutin & Vuitton for under £20, so if you're like me and rarely wear the same going out shoes more than about 3 times, or get drunk and ruin them after one night, it's the place to have a gander- so is Primark, but you already knew that...

5. Charity shops are great for going out/clutch bags.

6. On a free day, it is worth sorting out all of your old things and selling them on eBay/ at car boot sales. It means you are clearing out things you don't wear & getting money to spend of new things you will wear!

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