Monday, 28 December 2009

Small simple things that make me happy.

(That nice feeling inside happy.)

1. The smell of babies toiletries & the smell of Christian Dior- J'Adore.
2. When a stranger pays you a compliment.
3. Laughing with my girls.
4. When I am on the bus and the driver waves at a passing busses driver.
5. Shoes & Handbags.
6. How bright my eyes look when I have fake tan on.
7. Writing on rubbers.
8. When a good song comes on the radio.
9. Mascara.
10. Tea/ Latte & a Marlboro light.
11. The feeling you get inside when you have acheived/completed something.
12. Leopard print.
13. Gold & Black things.
14. Wearing something new.
15. Bacon & ketchup sandwiches.
16. Las Vegas.
17. A tidy room.
18. Playing the game 'you're allowed one thing off each page in this magazine' with myself.

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