Thursday, 10 December 2009

A few little pointers.

1. Having a wardrobe of entirely Topshop doesn’t make you cool.
2. It’s ok to not like tea.
3. Not everyone looks good in bodycon.
4. ...or sequin hot pants.
5. Pigtails are purely for fancy dress purposes after the age of 11.
6. Those cheap little over the shoulder Primark bags will ruin your outfit entirely.
7. Surprisingly no one on here needs or wants to know how often you have sex, or how good it is.
8. Cheryl Cole isn’t a style icon.
9. Discovering your black nail polish is chipped whilst wearing peep toes on a night out can be resolved with a bit of eyeliner/mascara.
10. Choosing a guy purely because her wears a cardigan or his top button done up is usually going to end up in you being disappointed.
11. Don’t go on to someone about how thin they are, because if they turn round and tell you how fat you are, you’ll cry.
12. It’s not what you know it’s who you know.

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  1. i definatly agree that cheryl cole is NOT a style icon!!!!!!!!

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